Rosie Giraud is the third character from Perfects (taster excerpt available for free on smashwords). She’s probably the next most major player in Perfects.

Rosie Giraud

Rosie has just turned twenty and is another of the genetically modified Hephaestus children. Like the other characters from Perfects she grew up in Dawkins House (born 2029, left there 2046). She is Charlie’s second in command and the link person for the cell.

Physical Description

Rosie GiraudRosie Giraud is an attractive young woman of average height and a relatively slim build, although with an understated hourglass figure (you have no doubt about hips, waist and bust, but none of it is especially prominent). Her complexion is very pale olive, with has light brown eyes and long tightly waved hair. Rosie’s hair is a mixture of light brown and blonde with hints of ginger. Her skin is very clear and her face carries a permanently mischievous expression. When she smiles there is a wide display of perfect teeth and her eyes almost sparkle.

Charlie’s Second in Command

Rosie Giraud is the ‘wireless operator’ for the cell. This means that she keeps out of the limelight as much as possible because she has links to people outside the cell. Her role is to send and receive messages from the cell’s home station.

Her cover is that of a ‘personal narrowcaster’. She has a studio which she rents out by the half hour. The video stream is a premium subscription service. Cat Lewis works with her as a video editor and administrator for the studio.

The studio is a one bedroom flat, with three rooms usable for filming, a lounge, a bedroom and a kitchen. Mostly the kitchen is used as an editing studio and rest room rather than for active filming. Only one venue is ever used at a time for filming, and there are a variety of reasons that people come in to use it.

The lounge studio is split into three parts, a shot of a classic sofa & armchair for interviews; a worktable / display table for the box opening shots and demos of how to do things; and lastly a green wall for splicing footage with other shots.

Party Animal

Unlike Charlie, Rosie is a serious party animal. She often goes out clubbing and stays out overnight at parties. Like most late teens she is enjoying the freedoms adulthood brings, and making the most of the opportunities. She is very open about her sexuality, and doesn’t see sex as a serious thing, but that something we should all enjoy. Her open minded approach has allowed her to embrace the cover story, and many other men and women too.

She has a crush on Charlie and has tried a number of times to seduce him, to no effect. However, her lack of success doesn’t stop her trying. Rosie now sees it as a sport around how uncomfortable she can make him rather than seriously believing that he will succumb. She is a very close friend of Cat and they swap notes of their attempts to find Charlie’s weak spot.

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