So for TMA5 of A215 I’ve chosen the poetry option and written a three poem sequence provisionally titled ‘Castles in the Cloud‘ which is some very geeky poetry about cyber security. This is fine and it works for me, even if the other folk on the course are pretty much English Lit folk who aren’t geeks. That makes getting feedback hard, but not impossible.

What I am struggling with is the other part of the assignment which is to research suitable publications that I could potentially submit the poetry too. There is a fair list of general poetry magazines at which is good enough for the purpose of the assignment.  However I wanted to find the sort of place that would appreciate both the language and the underlying geekery of the work. My Google fu has deserted me on this, either that or I’ve created a whole new genre of poetry (which I’m somewhat sceptical about).

So here’s an appeal. Do you know of any other poetry out there about the mechanics of the Internet or computing in general? Are there other polymath poets that fuse science and art? If you know then please drop a link or two in the comments section below.


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