I thought I’d just post a short note explaining why I’ve not written much over the last fortnight.  Some of this is the fact that work has been very busy and I’ve been working longer than normal hours from the beginning of April. This used up the spare articles I’ve written as well as the time to write more.

The writing time I have had has been used to write some poetry for TMA5 of A215 (Creative Writing). This is due next week, so is likely to continue to consume writing time. When that’s done I have TMA1 for B120 (Intro to Business Studies) due a week later followed by the End of Module Assessment (EMA) for A215 which is worth 50% of the marks. So its likely to be early June before a normal three times a week service is restored.

That said I have a few things half written that I will try and post in the interim just to maintain momentum.

If anyone would like to do some guest posting then now would be a good time to suggest it!

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