I have acquired a new set of wireless headphones, which is the first time I’ve had a set of bluetooth headphones. I must say that it is oddly liberating not having a wire attached to my phone while listening to music.

MEElectronics AF32 Bluetooth Headphones

In the box you get the headphones, a USB charging cable and a backup flat cable with two 3.5mm jacks for using with devices that don’t have bluetooth. There is also a storage bag  and a very good set of instructions on pairing the bluetooth with a range of devices including apple iPads and iPhones, android tablets and phones, blackberry smartphones and other bluetooth devices. Personally I have been using it with my android smartphone, it attached first time and all the buttons worked for their intended purpose. It changed the volume, skipped to the next and previous tracks, paused and re-started. I haven’t yet tried to make a phone call with it, but I did note that when the phone alerts went off for messages that it paused the music, played the alert and then resumed playing music.

Sound quality is very good with no distortion even on the louder settings, although I only cranked it up that far to see how loud it went. Normally I try and have it set to a relatively low volume so that the music is louder than the background but not deafening me. Battery life is good too, as yet I don’t know how good exactly. There is a neat charging system where the red light comes on when the headphones are charging and go out when the battery is full. It means you always know when they’ve had enough. It took a couple of hours when I first plugged them in. So far I’ve had three hours of continuous music from them with no problems, which is more time than I usually spend commuting and about the same as I’d spend listening to music if taking a domestic flight.  I’ll update this when I need to charge them again to give you a better idea of how long the battery last for.

Comfort is good too, the headphones are pretty large over the top and expand, so they aren’t uncomfortably tight against your ears as some of the ones I’ve had (naming no names, but I had to give an earlier pair to my son because my head was too big).

Overall I’m very pleased with them.

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