I’m in the middle of a 10 day online tutorial for A215 Creative Writing (not continuously for ten days, thankfully, but in little bits posted to the tutor group forum over a ten day period).  So the first task was to create a character randomly based on two lists, one of traits/conditions and the other of occupations. Being a gamer I rolled dice to choose my combination and got ‘Lovesick Witch‘. So here are the 200 words (199 actually) that I wrote to show that character (the rules being that it needed to be show in third person, rather than a descriptive tell and that we needed to avoided stereotypes).

Lovesick Witch

Her phone still had no updates. When he’d smiled at her, she felt warm inside. She’d re-read the message asking if she wanted to meet him for coffee more times than she could remember. Then she had read all of his social media profiles. It was ridiculous, she couldn’t wait for him, he’d never call. No, she had to go and woo him.

The cat mewled at her as she pushed it from her lap and stood. She tucked the phone into the front pocket of her tight black levis before loping towards a bookcase with a glint in her grey eyes. Her hands went straight to an old hardback book with a faded spine at waist height. Pulling it from the shelf she flicked through the contents pages. Finding what she wanted she turned through the book, one hand held the book while the other played with a strand of blonde hair that dangled down the side of her face. A smile built across her face as she read.

‘Gotcha!’ she said, snapping the book closed.

In the kitchen she gathered ingredients, a small silver bowl and a couple of candles.

The phone buzzed ‘Starbucks at eight?’


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