On Monday we had a (failed) delivery from Amazon Logistics. The card below was posted through our door.

20140115_213938_Bolsover Grove


As you do, my wife checked with the woman at number 18. Although she often gets parcels left, she hadn’t had any left with her that day. Being thorough my wife also checked with the other nearby neighbours just in case the delivery chap had got the wrong house number. None of them had a parcel for us.

After reading the web link at the top of the form my wife called Amazon on the phone number on the card earlier today. This was a frustrating call for her, the person on the other end didn’t seem to care about the missing parcel. The call operator even claimed that we’d not had anything delivered from a wish list since last summer. This last is definitely incorrect as I know that I bought my wife’s Christmas presents off her wish list and they were all delivered during mid to late December. Also my Mum bought both us and the kids stuff from amazon wish lists. One of those item is still MIA, a £30 skylander polar whirlwind, which we strongly suspect is the contents of the missing package (but it might not be). Ordered on 9th December it still hasn’t made it here, and a small boy is severely disappointed.

This was followed up by a chat session I had with amazon.co.uk/contactus this evening. Basically they don’t appear to have a way of checking what is coming to a delivery address. The delivery driver didn’t write the tracking number or order number on the the card, so we can’t narrow down what is adrift that way (because all of our extant orders have arrived, this is something that someone else has sent us). From Amazon Logistics point of view they have successfully delivered it, the tick in the box ‘we left it with your neighbour’ tells me that.

So I’m left unsatisfied that Amazon UK are trying to find the missing parcel. I’d expect at the very least for them to tell me that they’d investigate it and come back to me. It was only after pushing that I got them to say that they’d put an internal complaint in. I’m going to give them a week and then I intend to make a proper written complaint about it.

Anyway, if by any chance anyone reading this thinks they sent me (or someone at my house) something then please get in touch to see if we have it.




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