[NB Post edited to add the last minute polling data from Survation and YouGov – 23:10 17th September]

August and September 2014 opinion poll results on Scottish Independence

I’ve scoured the Web for all the Scottish Independence opinion polls I could find. My conclusion is that it’s pretty much neck and neck in the final straight. So if you’ve got a vote it’s vital that you use it.

There was a slew of polls released on 11th & 12th September, and as you can see from the graph they basically overlap. This means that the differences between them are all down to the margin of error in the polling methodology.

Given how close it is every vote will count. If you haven’t yet made up your mind then it is time to do so, see my previous post on cutting through the bias inherent in every campaigner’s rhetoric.  You might also want to skim Robert Hutton’s Would They Lie to You? for clues on how politicians dodge difficult questions (and there has been a lot of dodging and weaving over the last few months).

Without picking a side, I will say only this. If you live in Scotland go to the polling station on Thursday and put an X in the box that you think is the best option for you and the rest of Scotland.

Either way it is going to be an interesting time, and this referendum clearly shows that it is possible to engage voters and get a good response.


Oh, and afterwards, please play nicely with each other, whether or not you got the result you voted for. The way it stands now about half of you are going to be unhappy about it on Friday.