I’m done editing Crisis Point, my military science fiction novella. Although I’d previously released it I got some feedback from people and I also re-edited it to apply the lessons I’d learnt from having studied creative writing. So this version is a better one than the earlier version, and it is shorter too. It also has the opening scenes of the re-written Perfects in it too.

Here’s the blurb:

Why is rolling news showing footage of US Marines holding off an armed assault on the White House?

Where have the Secret Service taken the President and why has the Vice President invoked the 25th Amendment?

Why has US Space Command mobilised its strategic reserve and put it into orbit?

Crisis point is a stand alone novella set in the same world view as Perfects (due 2015) and tells the story of a military conspiracy reaching to the top of the US Military to subvert the democratically elected US President in an attempt to stop budget cuts that will half the size of the Department of Defense. This is a future where some Americans have realized that spending their blood and treasure as the world’s policemen hasn’t been effective and have decided that someone else should take a turn.

In the middle of the 21st Century Mike Duff is a career officer of US Space Force. The military are getting cut, and the defense contractors aren’t happy about it. Mike is a patriotic American, loyal to the Constitution and proud of his country, but he doesn’t like the increasing mix of Church and State that he sees the politicians bringing.

If you would like a free review copy, in return for writing me a review on Amazon, Goodreads and/or your blog, then leave me a comment.

Thanks again to all that gave me feedback, it has been very useful.