A Splash of KindnessA Splash of Kindness by John Starley Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Splash of Kindness by J.S. Allen is a feel good book. Full of anecdotes about how little kindnesses have had a much larger impact on how other people see the world. You cannot help but be uplifted when you read A Splash of Kindness.

Most of the anecdotes come from the lives of the author’s immediate family or friends, although some have come from other sources. Each chapter features a single story about how one kind intervention has helped someone draw themselves out of a dark place and feel good about contributing to the rest of the world. Where possible at the end of the chapter there are some sources attributed, so you can check out the stories for yourself if you are so minded.

There’s a relentless passion and feeling to these stories, and they’re told with classic American sales pitch fervour. You are hooked in and made to engage with it. I read most of the individual stories in one sitting, the only ones I paused in the middle of where when I was travelling and needed to change. I didn’t read the whole book back to back though, the stories were too intense for that. I did keep coming back to it every few days though until I got to the end. It’s powerful stuff.

As mentioned on my previous post, this was a free review copy. Although positive life stories aren’t quite my usual fare I said yes to it because the pitch sounded interesting. I think that this is a key feature of J.S. Allen, he knows how to write a sales pitch and it also shows in the style of A Splash of Kindness.

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