The Felix Chronicles: FreshmenThe Felix Chronicles: Freshmen by R.T. Lowe
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The Felix Chronicles is a bit like a grown up version of Harry Potter. It has a shadow magical world in the real world and it’s a thumping great tome of a story, but that’s where the similarities stop. The Felix Chronicles is darker and more realistic.


The Felix Chronicles

The protagonist of the Felix Chronicles is an 18 year old college student with all the things that go with that. He’s surrounded by a group of four other students, his reality show roommate, his childhood friend, her roommate and her roommate’s best buddy from home. Felix is an only child and has recently been orphaned by a freak fire at his family home. He has no idea that he is a sourceror (magic is referred to as ‘The Source’ by those familiar with it).

Most of the first half of the Felix Chronicles is about Felix’s adjustment to college life and establishing their new normality. We get a good glimpse of the power of the Source in the prologue of the Felix Chronicles and some hints from other character points of view, notably the victims of Faceman – a psychotic serial killer. We also see some victim pov for monsters in the woods. This was one of the bits I liked less, I felt it was slightly overdone. We could have had one of each of bad guys and the rest of the bits could have been reported as news stories in between the other narratives.

We also see some of the mysterious groundsman, he’s more than he appears and helps to teach Felix about his capabilities about half way through the Felix Chronicles.

Once things get going they really do crack on. The Felix Chronicles is a great story that I loved. Much grittier and more realistic than Harry Potter (which I do really love). The characters worry about sex, parties, exams and cope with sleep deprivation, sport and all the other things that come when you first live away from home.

In amongst all of that there is a thriller and a mystery. Bad stuff is happening and despite their other preoccupations Felix and his friends are caught up in it. Like a ‘normal’ teenager Felix keeps it secret as much as he can. He’s weirded out by it and thinks he’s going mad.

If you like your urban fantasy gritty and you enjoy coming of age type stories then the Felix Chronicles is a good book to read.

I was sent a copy of the Felix Chronicles for review by the author.

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