Toybarnhaus in Redhill celebrated its first birthday in its current shop on 17 June with a raffle for its customers. The prize was a shop display box of Lego’s Nexo Knights. Alexander spent some minutes staring at it before we went into the shop.


Me and the kids collecting our raffle prize from Toybarnhaus Redhill (photo: Tracy Kemp)

As I often do on a Saturday morning, I went in with Alexander to look at the Lego. We were enticed by the special birthday offers to buy some Lego with Alexander’s saved pocket money. Lucy also got some, and we got a raffle ticket. I put it in my wallet and thought no more of it.
It was quite a surprise to find out that we’d won the raffle! We picked up the display box yesterday. It’s a huge box with a motion sensor that activates the light show when you approach it. The children have spent some time staring at it and rolling the wheel.

At some point soon I’m sure that I’m going to be pressured into opening it up for them to play with the models.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to Toybarnhaus. We enjoy visiting the store regularly and the kids often spend their pocket money in there. I’m sure that will continue…