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Book Review – Far Orbit compiled by Bascomb James

Far Orbit: Speculative Space Adventures by Bascomb James My rating: 4 of 5 stars This modern science fiction anthology is in the classic style, with a positive feel and no dystopias, at least not in a grim pass the razor blades sort of way. I really enjoyed the collection and there are authors in there that I need to go and see what else they've written. I bought this anthology because I am thinking about submitting stories for publication, and I saw an article that there would be a follow-up anthology called Apogee from the same anthologist. Also I like reading science fiction, and short stories are easier to read when I'm studying (and I'm in the middle of B203, which is a real monster). Having read the anthology I was inspired, I've outlined a story and written a couple of thousand words towards…
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New Books of 2015 pt.1

In keeping with my resolution to read more paper books (and the self-imposed target of at least twenty or five more than I've acquired) I thought I would record the new books I've acquired this year. I intend to read all of these during 2015. The first batch are technically 2014 acquisitions, mostly Christmas presents, but I'm counting them in my 2015 total. Here they are: That makes seven books so far, and you should expect to read reviews of them all on the blog later in the year. Given my post last year about how readers choose books I thought I would also record why I chose each of these books.  Working up from the bottom here are the reasons I wanted each of these books. The fantastically funny Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett. This was on my wish list…
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2015 Resolutions

Happy new year! I don't usually make resolutions at new year. Too often they get forgotten about. However, this year my son is keen on us making some as a family, and writing them down so that we can check our progress and put ourselves back on track if necessary. I'm going to make three resolutions. Eat a healthier diet Write more fiction Read more paper books 1. Healthier Diet What I would like to try and balance my diet better and avoid eating the sort of food that makes me feel sluggish, less fatty, salty and sugary stuff. More fruit and vegetables, perhaps a bit less bread and meat won't go amiss either. I'm not especially looking to lose weight but that would be a welcome side effect. Success criteria for this are that I feel that I have…
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