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Cold Welcome (Vatta’s Peace) by Elizabeth Moon [Book Review]

Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon My rating: 4 of 5 stars Cold Welcome is the first in Vatta's Peace, a new series following on from the Vatta's War series. This first book takes Admiral Ky Vatta to a new and unfamiliar place, away from her space fleet and into a desperate survival in arctic waters after a shuttle crash. Cold Welcome - the review Elizabeth Moon at Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow, August 2005. Picture taken by Szymon Sokół. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You don't really need to have read the Vatta's War series to get Cold Welcome. The book recaps the main elements of Vatta's War. The start scenario is that Admiral Ky Vatta is returning to her home planet of Slotter Key. She is met by the Commandant of the Space Academy that she last met when she was asked…
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Happy Christmas – Free Story

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A little early, but I thought I would say Happy Christmas to everyone I know and also offer you all a free story for your kindle (if you don't have one you can still read it on your computer or your smartphone using the free e-reader software from amazon). From tomorrow until midnight on Boxing Day (US Pacific time, so about 07:00 on the 27th for us in the UK) my latest story will be free for your kindle from Amazon. Here are some links so that you can grab a free copy: Crisis Point on Amazon UK Crisis Point on Crisis Point on Amazon Canada Crisis Point on Amazon Australia Crisis Point on Goodreads It should be free on all the other Amazon sites too. If you have goodreads then…
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Crisis Point

I'm done editing Crisis Point, my military science fiction novella. Although I'd previously released it I got some feedback from people and I also re-edited it to apply the lessons I'd learnt from having studied creative writing. So this version is a better one than the earlier version, and it is shorter too. It also has the opening scenes of the re-written Perfects in it too. Here's the blurb: Why is rolling news showing footage of US Marines holding off an armed assault on the White House? Where have the Secret Service taken the President and why has the Vice President invoked the 25th Amendment? Why has US Space Command mobilised its strategic reserve and put it into orbit? Crisis point is a stand alone novella set in the same world view as Perfects (due 2015) and tells the story…
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Book Review – War Stories edited by Andrew Liptak

War Stories: New Military Science Fiction by Jaym Gates My rating: 5 of 5 stars I really loved this fantastic collection of short stories. They are well laid out with a set of general themes, covering a wide range of perspectives and points of view. What first attracted me to this was that there was a short story by Linda Nagata set in the same universe as her The Red: First Light novel. (See my review here) I'd enjoyed that so much that I was keen to read more, hence funding the kickstarter. Having read it I think I'll need to go look up some more of those authors and add them to my reading list. Not one of the stories in the collection seemed like it didn't belong there, and all of them had something novel and engaging about…
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