Yesterday was a victory for democracy, lets use that to make the UK genuinely better.

Regardless of what result you wanted, the primary outcome of yesterday’s referendum is showing that people can be engaged to vote. It had the highest turnout ever recorded for a democratic election in the UK. That needs to be kept up. People voted despite the politicians and their tired rhetoric.

The politicals need to wake up and be scared for next May. If the rest of the UK puts half the effort into getting proper representatives for themselves that the Scots put into the referendum then there could be a lot of new faces in Westminster in 2015. That can only be a good thing for both democracy and the people of all of the United Kingdom.

People don’t vote because they don’t think it counts. Every vote does count, and if you want something then you need to ask for it. Tell your local and parliamentary politicians what you want. Start talking to them now and make them think before the party conferences. The May 2015 manifestos will mostly be finalised in the next month.

Don’t delay, tell the politicians what you think and what you want for your local area and the UK as a whole. Write, email, post on Facebook and Twitter, talk to the people you meet in the streets, in the shops and the pubs and the clubs. Go see the opposition as well as the sitting members.

Do it today!