Today’s interview is with Emily Eck, she’s a wandering anthropologist who writes gritty romance about real women and their men. Her favourite word begins with F, because it is just so versatile…

Emily_EckEmily Eck

How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing?

I’ve been writing fiction for two years. I have kept a journal since I was a kid. I’ve found it helps me to sort out the things in my head. I wrote scholarly articles in the field of Anthropology, but it was only recently that I did a 180 and started writing contemporary romance novels.

Do you write for a living, or do you also do other work?

I lived in Mexico and was able to write for a living. When living in the United States, it sadly becomes just a hobby.

Were you always good at telling stories, or has it come to you as an adult?

I got in trouble frequently as a child for telling inappropriate stories at inappropriate times. I am an excessive hand gesture-er and love to retell the funny things that happen to me. I think it’s been a life long affliction.

Were you good at English in school?

I was the dork who enjoyed diagraming sentences.

Emily_Eck_cover_IMG_1313What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?

If you are going to write in the contemporary romance genre, it’s a comma free-for-all. The regular rules of grammar don’t always apply, and at times they hinder the ability to convey the characters’ emotions. If you are going to write for scholarly journals, those sentences better fit into a diagram.

What is the most useful advice you’ve been given?

“Your first book will be your worst.” It was right after I wrote my first book. I was heart broken, but it was the truth. The more you write, the better you become. I just finished my seventh novel and it is by far the best yet.

Who do you write for?

I wrote for me at first, sharing the stories that were in my head—exactly as they were in my head. Some found them offensive. I tried to write something I thought the readers would like. That particular book tanked and sold few copies. So I went back to just writing for me. If a book doesn’t do well, I can at least say that I put all of myself into it.

What sort of things do you write?

Emily_Eck_cover_IMG_1251I write gritty romances full of action and consensual sex. I live in a diverse world, so my characters are diverse. Each story has a piece of me, my life, or a place I’ve lived fused into it. My heroines are strong, some of them swear frequently, and they usually drive the story.

What do you have in the drawer? (i.e. what have you written but not yet published)

I’m writing a book that is part of a series, but told in the POV of a side character. She came to life as the series went on and people wanted to know her story. She is a bit hard to handle, very in your face, and smokes far too much pot. I’m working on it sporadically as the mood presents itself. The character is so strong and has so many secrets that it is hard to focus on her if there are any distractions.

Describe your writing process, what, where, when and how please?

Every book is different. Sometimes I write a book in order of the scenes. Other times I go out of order as inspiration comes. I need a quiet place where I won’t be bothered and a decently comfortable place to type. Most important, though, is I need for my head to be in the right place for the word to flow. If I am going through a rough day, week, or month I find it hard to focus and fully develop the characters and their stories.

Where can we read your words?

Here is a link to all of my books and buy links for Amazon (USA, UK, Australia, Canada), Barnes & Noble, iStore, Smashwords, and Kobo:

You can also find them here:

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Here is where you can find me. I’m a chatty gal, so I love to interact with readers.