I need your help to pick the title font for my new book cover. I’m in the process of re-designing the cover for the paperback version of Themself. My work in progress cover is a choice between either a photo (see below) or a minimalist plain cover. I’ll survey on that in a little bit when I have more time to produce the full minimalist cover.

Pick Themself’s Title Font

Right now I need some quantitative help with choosing options on the title font. I need something that speaks to people as ‘creative writing’ and works. So can you please do this one question surveymonkey to help me out, and share it around as well please?



Draft Cover for Themself in Paperback

Here’s what the new cover looks like so far. This isn’t the final version, it needs some more changes. Especially noteworthy is that the title font and some of the other fonts will change. I also played with some of the colours and the transparency on the spine to make it more opaque. The back cover blurb has been re-written and I’ve also got logos and prices and pictures to wraparound the whole book. The other thing I tried to do was to give a one line pitch for each of the main short stories in the collection.

We'll be replacing the bright green THEMSELF with white text the same sort of size in a different font.
We’ll be replacing the bright green THEMSELF with white text the same sort of size in a different title font.

Updated Blurb

This is an inspirational piece of life writing that should encourage those that want to try a new creative pursuit. If you’ve always wondered if you can write, this book shows that you can do it too.

James Kemp started Creative Writing with the Open University in October 2013. Themself is the story of how he became a better writer. As well as the stories and poetry he wrote there is commentary on how and why they were written. He shares notes on how to build worlds, create characters, tell stories, write poetry and fiction.

The main stories in Themself are:

  • Night Patrol – a tense night with the British Army
  • Rounds – a young midwife solves a problem by helping several others
  • Refusal – an immigration officer deals with a visitor who is more than she claims
  • Hunting Nazis – two former SOE agents settle some unfinished business in 1953 Berlin.

Give Feedback

More feedback is welcome, I want the cover to attract the eyes. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.