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2019 Resolutions

A new year's resolution postcard from 1915 Posting my 2019 Resolutions has become a bit of a tradition. I first posted my New Year's Resolutions in 2015, and I've done it every year since. My 2019 Resolutions Here's the executive summary. I've unpacked my 2019 resolutions and made them measurable in the sections below. Look after myself physically (exercise more & eat well) Be aware of my mental well-being and take steps to improve it (re-charge time, and reflection) Finish building the barbecue by the end of April Keep writing (blogs, stories and other things) Keep reading (more…)
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Resolutions – Review of 2016’s Resolutions & Setting 2017’s

I seem to have started a tradition of posting my new year resolutions, so I'm going to continue this with my 2017 resolutions. But before you get the 2017 resolutions I think we should look at how well I've done on the 2016 resolutions. 2016 Resolutions There were three of these posted on 1 Jan 2016. Read 40 books, at least half on paper Write Lose weight 2016 Reading According to my Goodreads tracker I've read 47 books this year. I think that I might have missed one or two off, but it's certainly more than the original 40. Also I counted 26 that I read in hard copy. This was slightly easier because I've not been carrying my Kindle around with me. A lot of the reading has been at home or on holiday. Resolution exceeded! Writing I said I…
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Looking Back at 2015

I posted some new year's resolutions for 2015 last January. So I feel I owe you an update on how I got on with them. It's progress but not full achievement. I made three resolutions 1. Write more 2. Read more paper books 3. Have a healthier lifestyle 1. Write More I'm not sure that I can count this as an unqualified success. I set some specific measures that I haven't fully achieved. However I did meet some of them, and I managed to write a lot of blog posts too. I was consistently blogging three times a week until I got promoted at work and started a 60 point level 3 undergraduate course with the open university. This is a partial success.  I'm parking it for now though. I've got another 60 pointer (but only at level 2) to do…
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New Books of 2015 pt.6

New Books of 2015, When I started this series of articles on my new books of 2015 I've acquired I thought that I would do three or four of them, one covering the books I'd got around my birthday, another about now covering books I'd picked up over the summer and a final one in late December summarising where I'd got to. It never occured to me that despite being restrained in my book acquisition that I would have acquired 50 books by the end of August (and there are a few more on pre-order that I expect to arrive later this year). Anyway, there are 11 books in this instalment, bringing the running total to 49. I've read 18 hard copy books and have a few more that I'm part of the way through. At this stage I have to…
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New Books 2015 pt.5

This is the latest crop of book acquisitions this year. Three ARCs, two for megagame research, three from a charity shop and one from a publisher's special offer. About half way through the year and I've acquired 38 books, meaning that to meet my reading target I need to read 43 paper books. So far I've only finished reading 12 paper books (out of 29 total). However I've broken my kindle, and there are a number of paper books that I've read part of, but not quite finished. So I'd expect to finish at least 30 books between now and the end of the year. Why I Acquired the Books Haking A Dutiful Soldier - I've got one of the books he wrote before the war, and a few on the 1916 Battle of Fromelles, where he was the Corps Commander. The Last Roundhead -…
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