Well 251 now as it happens, since this one is the 251st post on themself. I’ve always been a bit vague about blog dates, largely because it doesn’t really matter all that much. I’ve been writing for decades, before it was even possible to publish it easily. There are still a couple of ring binders with stories in them and also dozens of notebooks and a couple of boxes of index cards from before the internet. I doubt many of those will ever be published, although they may well be mined for ideas eventually.

This is not my first blog, and as much as I can I’ve imported the articles written for the previous blogs into wordpress. I’ve also gone back and gathered up things that I wrote for publication and added them into the archives where I can. There are some gaps, either because I no longer have the material electronically or because it was too ephemeral to re-post. The oldest posts here date from May 1995, most are less than two years old.

The upshot of all of this was that yesterday I made it to my 250th article on the blog, which I think is probably worth remarking on. I’ve not yet worked out which is my favourite, but here are some of the posts that seem to keep coming up in the stats:

So, what have you read here and particularly liked? Are there posts you would rate, or any that you think you would like to see more of?




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