You’ll perhaps recall that I set myself a target of reading all 40 books I was given for my birthday during the course of 2012. I then modified that target to also include some of the remaining books from Christmas and one or two other recent additions to the ‘to-read’ bookcase (which it most certainly is, the 40 birthday books take up a shelf on their own with a couple balanced on top).

I’ve been slowed down recently trying to complete a couple of assignments for an OU course I’ve been studying (B628 Managing People and Organisations). I put in the last assignment on that on 29 th March, but won’t find out if I’ve passed for a few months yet (I’m not confident, I had a bout of illness that robbed me of a couple long days worth of work on it). Anyway, due to the impending arrival of my daughter (in mid to late May) I’m not planning on studying again for a bit (although I do want to complete the professional certificate in management, if not the BA in Business).

The other thing that has been keeping me from reading is the clearing out of my office at home so that it can be turned into a room for the baby. This has involved giving hundreds of books being given to Oxfam (nearly all the fiction I own with the exception of Ian Banks, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross and JK Rowling, although I did keep any that I hadn’t yet read). I’ve also put 16 crates of non-fiction into medium term storage in the garage. My 2000AD collection is also going, although to a couple of other collectors.

Despite this, I finished book 9 of 2012 yesterday, although tells me that I am four books behind even after finishing the ninth.

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