Bookshelves abound in my home and this is my fiction bookshelf. Every room has some books in it. So inspired by this tweet from @helionbooks

I thought that it might be interesting to take pictures of all the bookshelves in my house and post them one at a time over the next couple of months with a little tiny bit of commentary on where it is and what the books are. Here is the first

Fiction Bookshelf

Fiction Bookshelf on the upstairs landing
Fiction Bookshelf on the upstairs landing

I’ve called this the Fiction Bookshelf because it is majority fiction, and most of my books aren’t fiction. So this one is unusual because it houses most of the fiction titles in my house (well at least most of my fiction, there’s a lot of other fiction belonging to my wife and children).

This is a standard Ikea bookcase, there are five identical bookcases in our house. We used to have a few more but ran out of space for them all and gave a couple away to good homes (and about 1,000 fiction titles to Oxfam books).

This particular one has my fiction on the top three shelves, and most of my collection of role-playing game rules on the bottom shelf.

Authors on my fiction bookshelf include Iain Banks, Charles Stross, Terry Pratchett, JK Rowling, Ben Aaronovitch, Cory Doctorow, Elizabeth Bear, Maureen Johnston and others. Clicking on the photo should get you a high-resolution image that you can read the titles.

Alexander also has a lot of books on the middle shelves, notably the How to Train Your Dragon series and a lot of non-fiction. He’s also got to the stage of reading YA fiction and is starting to work his way through some of my books on the fiction bookshelf. Over the summer he read the Harry Potter series and is now considering some of the other stuff.