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2018 Resolutions Revisited

As in previous years I've posted some New Year Resolutions on my blog. Given it's the end of the year I thought I ought to revisit them. 2018 Resolutions I have a few 2018 resolutions, they’re all a little lower key than the 2017 ones. Read 40 books over the course of the year (I managed 27 in 2017, but have read more in previous years) Design a megagame (finishing what I started) Write 50 blog posts, edit Perfects and publish it Get my weight under 13 stone and keep it there. Read 40 Books I haven't done this, my Goodreads profile shows that I've fallen short by 1 book, 135 pages to be exact. That's an improvement on last year, but still not the forty I set as a target. One thing I've realised is that progress depends on…
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Elf Mischief 2018 conclusion

This is part four of the Elf Mischief series. You might want to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first. Choreographing the Elf Mischief is one of the more creative things that I've done this year. It stretches the imagination, especially as there's a lot of pressure to keep it going every day from the night of the 30th November until Christmas morning. Elf Mischief Tooth Elf Lucy lost one of her front teeth while we were out at Longleat for the Festival of Light. So when we got home late we opted for the Tooth Elf. The elves intercepted the Tooth fairy and gave Lucy a pound each (normally the Tooth Fairy brings a £2 coin). Oddly although she found the money she had to go back to find Timmy and Alfie. Elf on Christmas Eve Seeing…
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Elf Mischief 2018 part 3

Here's the third part of what the Elves have been up to in the third week of December 2018. See Elf Mischief Part 1 & Part 2. Last installment to follow on Boxing Day! Elf Mischief Lego Wrapping The elves wrapped up the contents of the Lego advent calendars and closed all the doors. They hid with the 'presents' on the dining room chairs so that there was a chance that they'd be found quite quickly. Checking the Chimney Timmy the elf wanted to make sure that the chimney was ready for Santa. So aided by Alfie and Barbie's dog he's climbed up the bookshelf and is making his way into the loft for an Christmas Tree Coup The elves have had their eye on the spot at the top of the tree since it went up. The Fairy has…
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Elf Mischief 2018 part 2

Following on from Elf Mischief part 1 here are some more of the things that Alfie and Timmy have been up to while they have been here in December 2018. I'll post a third part of Elf Mischief on Christmas Eve to capture whatever else those naughty elves get up Elf Mischief cont'd. Elf Milk On Friday morning we discovered that an Elf had decided that milk tasted better blue. This upset Lucy so much that I didn't manage to get a picture before the blue milk was poured down the Elf Protest On Sunday 9th December Lucy spent the day moving presents about. She looked at every present under the Christmas tree and inspected it. This got the elves worried, and they enlisted the toys to help them. In particular there were a number of tiny placards made. These…
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Elf Mischief 2018 part 1

Our house is home to more than one naughty elf. Every December for the last few years there has been Elf Mischief. Here are some of the things they have got up to so far this December. Elf Mischief On the first night, leading to the morning of 1 December, the elves sneaked in and put the advent calendars in black bin bags to hide them from the children. I didn't get any photos of it though. Elf Sweety Fest The elves spent the night of 1-2 December bingeing on sweeties. I wasn't quite quick enough to get the pile of sweetie wrappers, but you can still see the evidence of sherbet! As elf mischief goes this is pretty minor, but you don't want to go too strong on the first few nights of December. Pants on the Tree Elf…
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