Following on from Elf Mischief part 1 here are some more of the things that Alfie and Timmy have been up to while they have been here in December 2018. I’ll post a third part of Elf Mischief on Christmas Eve to capture whatever else those naughty elves get up to….

Elf Mischief cont’d.

Elf Milk

On Friday morning we discovered that an Elf had decided that milk tasted better blue. This upset Lucy so much that I didn’t manage to get a picture before the blue milk was poured down the plughole….

Elf Protest

On Sunday 9th December Lucy spent the day moving presents about. She looked at every present under the Christmas tree and inspected it. This got the elves worried, and they enlisted the toys to help them.

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In particular there were a number of tiny placards made. These included pictures of presents, the Christmas tree and exhortations not to open presents before Christmas Day. It’s notable that Lucy hasn’t felt the need to touch any presents since then…

Treats for Good Behaviour

We’ve had two episodes of elf delivered treats for good behaviour. The first time was after Lucy’s school play. The elves watched the video I made for Tracy and liked it so much they left chocolate for Lucy.

The second incident was a few days later after Alex had his interim report for Year 8 (T9 across the board and good or better for behaviour and effort in all subjects). Lucy also got treats because she’d done a second performance very well.

Elf Board Game

In between the treats the Elves played snakes and ladders with some of the other toys. The kids were well behaved and the elves are usually less naughty as a result. We’re not sure who won snakes and ladders, the money was on Alfie cheating…

Calpol and Sweeties

Lucy wasn’t well for a few days starting on Wednesday. She was under the weather enough to accept some medicine (as a rule she refuses). It seems that the elves were also a bit under the weather. We found them on the sofa with the Calpol and also elf sweeties (in the form of Unicorn sprinkles and choco sprinkles).

Shoe Express

Saturday morning (the 14th) saw the elf express made of shoes. Alfie and Timmy had one pair of shoes from each member of the family. There was a toy in each one riding the shoe express.

That’s it so far. More in Elf Mischief part 3 on Christmas Eve.