This is part four of the Elf Mischief series. You might want to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first. Choreographing the Elf Mischief is one of the more creative things that I’ve done this year. It stretches the imagination, especially as there’s a lot of pressure to keep it going every day from the night of the 30th November until Christmas morning.

Elf Mischief

Tooth Elf

Lucy lost one of her front teeth while we were out at Longleat for the Festival of Light. So when we got home late we opted for the Tooth Elf. The elves intercepted the Tooth fairy and gave Lucy a pound each (normally the Tooth Fairy brings a £2 coin). Oddly although she found the money she had to go back to find Timmy and Alfie.

Elf on Christmas Eve

Seeing as Timmy and Alfie weren’t noticed on the morning of the 23rd they thought they might make sure that the kids would find them quickly on Christmas Eve. So they crept into the advent calendars and hid behind door 24!

I wasn’t sure how well Lucy was going to take this. So I made a video so that Tracy could see when she came home from work. Watch and see…

Inspiration for Elf Mischief

I’m posting these pics and short explanations to help me remember in the future and also possibly to help others who do this too. The more varied you can make it the better for your little one.

One of my sources was twitter, several other parents also share the exploits of their naughty elf. There’s also this useful elf calendar. When you are stuck you can refer to it for an idea.

I didn’t have a specific plan on 30 November. I did have some plans though, because we’ve done this in previous years. It’s also important to let the elf react to how you’re kids are behaving. We’d never have done the elf protest if Lucy hadn’t been handling the Christmas presents a lot.

I went looking for some pictures from earlier attempts but couldn’t find many. However I do remember a few other things we’ve done:

  • Hang the advent calendars from the ceiling
  • Tape the elves feet and make it look like they’re walking across the roof.
  • Paint an elf on the wall, we were decorating the room in question
  • Hang the elf from the lampshade

If you’ve got any ideas please share them in the comments.