My novelette Crisis Point is eligible for the Best Novelette category of the 2014 Hugos. Weighing in at about 13k words it is a near future science fiction techno thriller set in the middle of the 21st Century.

So if you want to grab a free copy here are the links

Crisis point widens the world view from that presented in Perfects (due Summer 2014, but you can read extracts from it elsewhere on the blog). It tells the story of a military conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected US President. This is a future where space travel has got cheaper and major corporations have used the FAI treaty that establishes space as non-national from 100km above the Earth. This gives them a guaranteed tax free haven, and also allows them to establish research and development labs outside national governance.

Mike Duff is an officer of US Space Command, in a period where the United States has entered one of its periodic isolationist phases. The military are getting cut, and they and the defense contractors aren’t happy about it. Mike is a patriotic American, loyal to the Constitution and proud of his country, but he doesn’t like the increasing mix of Church and State that the politicians are bringing.

In celebration of this eligibility I have made the story free over this weekend from Amazon, and I’ve dropped the price to the minimum that it can go to for the foreseeable. 

Please read it and review it, and if you are a voter for the Hugos then please nominate it. You get five votes for each category, so there is room to nominate other work too, and the plea is always to read lots and then nominate the stuff you like best.


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