Cat Lewis is the fourth ‘perfect’ living in the shared house. Like the others she also grew up in Dawkins House. Cat has a very technical bent, and understands how things work. She doesn’t get overtly involved in Charlie’s nefarious activities, but knows about them and sometimes helps out behind the scenes.

Physical description

Cat is about 22, slim, average height and with black hair and an elfin face with large blue eyes. Her hair is just below the shoulder, although it is often tied up somehow. She dresses in black most of the time, although varies her clothes according to the social situation, getting glammed up with Rosie when they go out clubbing or to a party. When at work she tends to wear black trousers and black t-shirts or jerseys (depending on the weather). Like the others, her figure is in proportion.

Role in the group

Cat just wants a to enjoy life without fuss. She enjoys a full social life and when out with Rosie will often have fun teasing those that come on to her. However she has a stable relationship with Mark (another perfect, but living elsewhere) and one day perhaps she will settle down with him, but not yet.

She works very closely with Rosie and is the chief video editor and business brain in their enterprise. All the assets are in Cat’s name, because Cat is the one that got it going even before Rosie joined in. She is a couple of years older than Rosie and the difference in maturity tends to show in Cat’s lack of enthusiasm for the more extreme partying.

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