Following on from having posted Perfects in each of the five chapters I have decided to post Imperfect as well. However I intend to post it in smaller pieces and more frequently. Every other day for the next couple of weeks there will be one of the scenes from Imperfect posted here.

Synopsis of Imperfect (Exodus )

Following on from where Perfects left off, with Charlie arrested by the police and the fate of the others in his cell unknown. Pandora sets off to find where she was born in the hope of finding her mother, however Rosie catches her leaving the house and together they discover what has happened to the others and set off on a daring plan to rescue them. Pandora steps irrevocably onto the wrong side of the law, kidnapping national police officers and learning to drive in their stolen police car…

Get a copy of Imperfect (Exodus )

If you want to read it sooner, or perhaps on your kindle, then you can get Imperfect on a pay what you want basis from smashwords, or for 99p from Amazon.  It is also available on itunes, Barnes & Noble and other places too. Here are some links:

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